Ace for a New Century

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read my tags, you jerk D8<


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0-G Love

From the Macross pachinko game 

I will never be over this character crush. Ever.

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Macross II

Yes and please, let’s remember how awesome this show actually was

MTMTE and RID on super-sale at Comixology


seriously if you haven’t read these, go get ‘em now

Totally worth it.

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Handsome goofball alert

My dog is the actual cutest.

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Progressive sequence of model kit finishing. From right to left: First, parts glued with putty liberally applied over the entire seam. Second, completely sanded down smooth to eliminate any seam. Third, painted over. The seam line is now almost completely invisible.

Next project preview- Kotobukiya 1/144 RTX-009 Huckebein

Next project preview- Kotobukiya 1/144 RTX-009 Huckebein

Fresh from Wonderfest, prototype image of the Neo Granzon!

Ace the Origin- A New Translation


Having had this tumblr for some time but lacked any sort of focused thing to do with it, I reached an epiphany- otherwise known as following this to it’s most logical conclusion. What is to follow in the days, weeks, and onward will be (hopefully) continued updates on all things mecha- be it running commentary on various series, comparison reviews, or simply images from my own collection of giant robots, this will be my space and mouthpiece on those things men’s dreams are made of.

Suit up, and rock on!

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