Ace for a New Century

21 Oct 2014


thats a weird looking dog

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20 Oct 2014

Big Size Destroid Monster Sofubi anounced. Get Hype.

20 Oct 2014


i’ll take my chance with aliens before i mess w/ whatever is at the bottom of the ocean

20 Oct 2014


Aziz is putting that marketing major to good use.

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20 Oct 2014


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Main characters as in Alto/Ranka/Sheryl, fairly…

Pretty sure Sharon’s music is in at least 1 version of ep 1, she is mentioned in movie 1 and Isamu is in movie 2. MII is not considered a part of the Macross Universe because Kawamori wasn’t involved.

Music from Plus and II are all over M7, too! And of course Basara’s music gets a bunch of appearances in Frontier, so if you want to count music as a sort of cameo, then it’s all over the place, and I would frankly be more surprised if the new show didn’t reuse anything. Definitely something I’m looking forward too.

As far as II goes, it’s part of the universe, just maybe not part of the main timeline. but it’s been included in all of the recent cross canon stuff except Macross 30, (Chronicle, Triangle Frontier PSP games, super dimension seminar, etc) so I counted it anyway. It breaks my heart that MII doesn’t get more respect, really, it’s one of my favorites, but oh well. It’s more like the main timeline kind of just ignores that II happened, but it’s still an official work that isn’t completely forgotten about ;3;

19 Oct 2014



what if the new Macross series has cameos from the main Frontier cast though.


It DOES apparently only take place eight years after Frontier.

It’s not something they usually do in Macross, but who knows, too early to speculate. Can’t say I’d be unhappy if there was any.

Main characters as in Alto/Ranka/Sheryl, fairly unlikely, but for other characters, it’s happened more often than it hasn’t- Macross II and Macross Plus are the only series to date that didn’t have at least one recurring character or Cameo.

It’s definitely possible!

19 Oct 2014


I’m an adult and that’s why I’m eating 7-11 taquitos for breakfast.

19 Oct 2014


Dollfie Dream Ranka and Sheryl

Shit. Yeah, I might need these.

17 Oct 2014




¡Doctor Zaius, Doctor Zaius!

 I’ve waited my entire life for this audio post.


I love legitimate theatre

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