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Via magical girl superheroes

Progressive sequence of model kit finishing. From right to left: First, parts glued with putty liberally applied over the entire seam. Second, completely sanded down smooth to eliminate any seam. Third, painted over. The seam line is now almost completely invisible.

Next project preview- Kotobukiya 1/144 RTX-009 Huckebein

Next project preview- Kotobukiya 1/144 RTX-009 Huckebein

Fresh from Wonderfest, prototype image of the Neo Granzon!

Ace the Origin- A New Translation


Having had this tumblr for some time but lacked any sort of focused thing to do with it, I reached an epiphany- otherwise known as following this to it’s most logical conclusion. What is to follow in the days, weeks, and onward will be (hopefully) continued updates on all things mecha- be it running commentary on various series, comparison reviews, or simply images from my own collection of giant robots, this will be my space and mouthpiece on those things men’s dreams are made of.

Suit up, and rock on!


Hodang! Let’s get this Tumblr started off with a bang! Today we’ve got an awesome giveaway for all our fans out there - Super cool wicked awesome BLEACH KEYCHAINS!

[Hold for Applause]

These fabulous Bleach keychains are 100% official Bleach merchandise - The thing is, they’re licensed by Viz, which means they’re not an import and so we technically can’t sell them! That’s not a problem for you, though - In fact, our loss is your gain, because at 12 noon PST on April 17 (that’s two weeks from today, folks!)  we’ll be picking three winners for these fabulous keychains! First place gets two of their choice, and second and third place each get one! How cool is that!

But wait! you ask. How do I enter to obtain such fabulous wonders?

Easy!! First, you must be following the Ofuda Imports blog to win! Second, you can like this post and reblog twice. Each like and reblog counts as one entry, so by liking the post and reblogging it twice, you get three entries into the contest! Simple, right? There’s only a few other things you need to know:

- If you reblog more than twice, you’ll be disqualified! :( Sorry, but thems the rules!

- Your ask MUST be open for us to contact you! If your ask isn’t open, we’ll move on to the next winner.

- We’re located in the US and will ship for free within the US, but we will only ship internationally IF YOU PAY THE SHIPPING. :( Sorry, international friends! We’ll have something awesome for you later!

And that’s it! So get to reblogging, and follow us for more awesome giveaways, site updates, product information, and more cool stuff!

We’ll see the winners on April 17th - And in the meantime, check out for lots more awesome products from all your favorite shows and video games, imported straight from Japan! Fantastic plamo rendering of the Gespenst SA. You, sir blog owner, are amazing.

My epileptic tree theory that SRW OG-IN’s Exbein is an OG-Verse redeign of Alpha’s Huckebein Ex looks to be confirmed with this palette swapped re-release.

This pleases me.

Dead End Shoot!!!

Caved and made this. Don’t expect a lot of content that isn’t mech related!

To Tumblr, Love Metalab